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Copper Basin Veterinary Clinic Reviews

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“Wonderful – just wonderful place to take your pets for love and care!!!! Greatest folks ever!!!! Thanks for always being there for our pets over the years!!!!!!!!!!​​​​​​​”
Betty S.

“I’ve always had great results with this clinic, yes they may be straight to the point but they get the job done at a very reasonable price unlike some others in the area with a 100 dollars just to see what they need to do and thena arm leg and your first born these guys will even work with your price range no unnecessary exams and treatments.”
Cliff R.

“They saved both my6 month old beagles, Amber & Sophie, from parvo. As soon as they found out what was wrong they went right to work making them well. I am so grateful to them for taking such good care of my babies!! They are the best vet office around!them.”
Melissa T.

“I took our puppy to Dr. Mitchell for parvo treatment and he got the best care I could have dreamed about. The nurses were wonderful about giving us updates and letting us see him to check on him. They treated him as if it were their own pet in for treatment. Now he is healthy and doing great. Thank you.”
Rachel N.

“Copper Basin Vet Clinic is the best place to go with our pets. Dr. Mitchell and all the Staff working there are wonderful caring people ! We are extremely exited to hear that Dr. Boyd is a bird specialist! Our dogs, cats and umbrella cockatoo thank each and every one of you for taking so good care of them.”
Carla K.