About Copper Basin Veterinary Clinic

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About Copper Basin Veterinary Clinic



Established year?

What do you specialize in?
Companion animal medicine (small animal)

What do you love about your servicing area (city, location, etc.)?
Our mountain town is full of local charm, history, and adventure. We enjoy being surrounded by rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, and the community openly welcomes pets to participate in outdoor adventures with their parents.

Small background about the owner or head DVM.
Dr. Mitchell opened the practice in 2002 to service the local community, which desperately needed affordable veterinary care. After 50 years in Veterinary Medicine, he retired in the Spring of this year (2022). Upon retiring, Dr. Mitchell handed over the care of the clinic to its new partners as well as a new Medical Director, Dr. Deana Hayes, who is equally as passionate about caring for the community’s beloved family members.