Safeguard Your Dog Walking Adventures

Make March 30 the best day for you and your pup by commemorating Take a Walk in the Park Day! Although, to ensure that your outing is enjoyable from start to finish, be sure to keep an eye out for potential risks. With safety top of mind, watch out for these hazards during your walk with Fido.

#1: Other dogs

Encountering another dog can be disastrous, particularly if either of them is reactive and gets free from their leash. Even friendly off-leash pooches might appear intimidating to your pup as they jump up in greeting. It’s vital to keep a lookout for other dogs present; additionally, pay attention to the body language of your dog so that it remains composed when faced with antagonists. When possible, avoid parks during busy times wherein there’ll likely be more dogs running around, which may cause tension among the furry crowd!

#2: Traffic

As you stroll to the park, remain alert for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Keeping your pet close to you is essential in avoiding any unfortunate accidents; remember that an unleashed or long tether can cause a dog to slip away quickly into oncoming vehicles, crash into cyclists, or wrap around passersby. Additionally, if Fido makes a mad dash at a squirrel and yanks with force it could snap the leash completely!

#3: Parasites

Shield your furry companion from the perils of parasites by giving them preventives on a regular basis, and conducting complete checks for hidden bugs upon returning home. Parks are especially attractive to fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and intestinal pests due to their many potential victims. Keep your pet safe year-round!

#4: Wildlife

When your four-legged companion is following their nose around the park, they may come across wildlife burrows, nests, and resting areas. Generally, wild animals will flee when a human or pet approaches them; however, some may become aggressive if you get too close to their young ones, food sources, or home. Moreover, wild creatures are carriers of certain diseases and parasites, so it’s best to leave them be!

If you and your beloved pet often relish the outdoors together, safeguard them from parasitic threats as well as contagious diseases by keeping up with their preventive care. Our team is excited to schedule a wellness appointment for your furry companion – simply give us a call to get started!